Extreme-Duty Drum Motor

The extreme-duty series drum motors are designed for applications requiring high torque gear reducers and electric motors up to 500 HP. These rugged drum motors features mechanical seals and VPI electric motor windings that address abrasive and high vibrations encountered in aggregate industries operating under harsh and dusty environments.


Designed and built for the harshest, most demanding applications
Mining-grade, advanced sealing system
Significantly lower operating costs
Increased operator safety – no belts or chains to guard

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Extreme-Duty Drum Motor CATALOG

Diameter (inches) HP Range Drum Motor Series Dimensions Specifications
20.0 20 - 75 TM500A100 PDF PDF
24.3 20 - 75 TM630A100 PDF PDF
30.0 150 - 200 TM762A130 PDF PDF
31.5 20 - 75 TM800A100 PDF PDF
31.5 75 - 200 TM800A130 PDF PDF
36.0 250 - 500 TM915A160 PDF PDF

Extreme-Duty Drum Motor options

  Standard Option
Power connection via Junction Box  
Hub design Design A  
Electric motor Class H
Inverter Duty
VFD Rated
GV Therm
Voltage 480V
3 phase, 60Hz
600V, 990V
Backstop   CW
Electromagnetic Brake   Not Available
Shell Convex
Black Rubber
3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1"
Slide Lagging
Metal Tread
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