Case Study: Coastal Manufacturing/Taylor Farms

Mark Hoffseth, president of Coastal Manufacturing, talks about their experience with the Van der Graaf drum motor, why they use it and why their clients have upgraded their old systems to the drum motor. 

...we experienced about a 3-5% failure rate, during the first year, on the motor and gearbox, and once we switched to Van der Graaf, that failure rate during the first year, dropped to about 1%, and we've even had years with 0% failure rate - Mark Hoffseth

Jorge Sanchez of Taylor Farms also shares how the Van der Graaf drum motor has helped increase sanitation and safety in their facility.

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Van der Graaf Intralox 2400 Continuous Profile SSV Sanitary Drum Motor

Trade Show Recap: IPPE 2018

At IPPE 2018, Van der Graaf showcased the SaniDrive™ belt-drive solution to address equipment sanitation. 

The SaniDrive™ drum motor conveyor drive design does not have gaps or crevices where food byproducts can get trapped as on the externally mounted motor, gearbox, square shaft and sprockets arrangement. The SaniDrive™ drum motors are offered in all 316L stainless steel continuous full-face and variety of custom profles for powering modular, wire belt or monolithic thermoplastic style belts without the use of sprockets. The potential for foreign material and bacterial contamination, is greatly reduced contributing to a higher level of sanitation.

SaniDrive™ drum motors are the definitive answer for sanitary conveyors.

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Van der Graaf SSV Sanitary Drum Motor

How Food Processors like Taylor Farms Use Conveyor Drives to Meet Food Safety Standards

Mark Hoffseth, president of Coastal Manufacturing, talks about the impact of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to food manufacturers. He shares how Coastal Manufacturing and their clients have been able to update to cleaner, more reliable conveyor drives to meet the higher level of sanitation standards.

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