76 Years of Manufacturing Excellence

Van der Graaf - Vollenhoven, Netherlands 1948 Vollenhove, Netherlands 1948

In 1948, a young entrepreneur, Meine Hendricus Van der Graaf, opened a small shop in Vollenhove, Netherlands. He specialized in repairing equipment that was used to extract water from strategic territories in Netherlands and pump it into the sea in order to create farmland and property for families to build homes. The young entrepreneur recognized that the friction clutch, an important component for the operation of these pumps, was in demand, and therefore started manufacturing friction clutches.

After World War II, industries in Europe experienced significant incline and growth; development and manufacturing of mechanical equipment of all kinds were in high demand. Meine H. Van der Graaf embraced this trend and became a subcontractor, manufacturing parts and components used by submarines and helicopters. The agricultural industry in the Netherlands was also gaining strength as well as the need for power transmission equipment to drive belt conveyors.

In response to industry demands, Mr. Van der Graaf started designing and manufacturing gearboxes for belt conveyors, eventually expanding production to include the manufacturing of electric motors and variable speed pulleys.

Van der Graaf - Vollenhoven, Netherlands 1963 Vollenhove, Netherlands 1963

In 1961, the company included the manufacturing and production of drum motors.

Shortly after, Van der Graaf developed and started manufacturing granulock couplings that helped to increase their market to other industries.

Van der Graaf - Toronto, Canada 1985 Toronto, Canada 1985

In 1985, another young entrepreneur, Alexander Kanaris (currently President of Van der Graaf in Canada the USA), with the assistance of Mr. Van der Graaf, established the manufacturing facility in Toronto, Canada and in 2009 expanded manufacturing to Shelby Township, Michigan. Today, over 270,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space in USA and Canada utilizes the latest technology and CNC equipment.

With sales representatives and distributors around the world, Van der Graaf has been positioned strategically to provide world-class conveyor drives and service. With fast growing recognition for drum motors, Van der Graaf has focused primarily on designing and manufacturing drum motors.

Van der Graaf - Vollenhoven, Netherlands today Vollenhove, Netherlands today

Initially the drum motor was designed to serve the agricultural industry. Today, Van der Graaf drum motors are manufactured to power conveyors for a wide array of industries including mining, aggregate, postal, parcel, agriculture, food processing, warehousing and airline baggage conveyors, from 3.75” to 36” diameter and horsepower from 0.11hp to 500hp.

Van der Graaf - Toronto, Canada today Toronto, Canada today

Van der Graaf - Michigan, USA today Michigan, USA today

With continuous improvements through Research & Development, and in-house manufacturing in the USA and Canada using cutting-edge production technology and automation, VDG ensures product quality, fast delivery, and after-sales service.