Jorge Sanchez of Taylor Farms talks to us about their experience with the Van der Graaf drum motor as opposed to the old motor and gearbox setup, as well as the benefits that helped them decide to transition to using motorized pulley throughout their facility.


How Food Processors like Taylor Farms Use Conveyor Drives to Meet Food Safety Standards


Mark Hoffseth, president of Coastal Manufacturing, talks about the impact of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to food manufacturers. He shares how Coastal Manufacturing and their clients have been able to update to cleaner, more reliable conveyor drives to meet the higher level of sanitation standards.


Eliminating Foreign Material Contamination with the Van der Graaf Drum Motor


Conveyor drives that use plastic sprockets and other plastic drive components are major contributors to foreign material contamination (FMC), particularly in processing areas where belt conveyors are used. Learn how to eliminate foreign material contamination with the Van der Graaf Drum Motor that requires no sprockets. Designed and engineered to drive conveyor belts in food processing plants where sanitation is paramount.