New and improved belts and conveyors for snack and bakery production facilities


A look at motors

Companies that make motors for belts and conveyors are continuously looking to innovate as well. Van der Graaf, Brampton, Ontario, has a new drum drive for belts and conveyors that contains the motor and gearbox inside the roller, says Alex Kanaris, president.

“You don’t have anything hanging outside the conveyor,” says Kanaris. “You don’t have any loose drive components that can create an unsafe situation. Everything is totally enclosed and isolated from the environment.” And because of the design of the product, the drum drive offers efficiency benefits, using approximately 25 percent to 30 percent less than a conventional design.

Van der Graaf will be bringing a new drive to market in 2019 that will have all electronics built into the drum motor, with an ethernet connection and open loop motor control that allows the operator to adjust the frequency, as well as a removable LED keypad for remote operation, Kanaris says.

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