Manufacturers Optimistic for 2023 Despite Challenges

For those with a stake in the aggregate industry, 2022 was largely a bountiful and successful year.

Concerns remain, however, as 2023 gets underway.

Businesses prospered in the face of challenges related to pricing, the supply chain issues and the workforce. But even as uncertainty lingers, equipment manufacturers, for one, remain optimistic about the year ahead

Paramount among ongoing challenges is the shortage of skilled labor industrywide.

Alex Kanaris, president of VDG (Van der Graaf), points to the worker shortage as a hurdle his company is trying to overcome. Having dealt with a shortage of workers since the start of the pandemic, Kanaris hopes dynamics like remote work subside in the coming years.

In the meantime, Kanaris says VDG has taken steps to counteract workforce challenges.

‚Äč“It may be possible that a long-term recession might help to remedy this issue,” Kanaris says. “This issue has put a strain on our manufacturing plant operations. VDG has expanded its manufacturing automation and invested further in new robotic technologies to overcome the workforce shortage.”

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