The New all stainless steel profile SSV Drum Motor for modular belt applications

In the past three years, Van der Graaf’s engineering team have been working on the development of a new drum motor concept, soon to be released, that will increase its longevity and safety, reduce operational cost and energy consumption. The Zero Pressure SSV Drum Motor is equipped with an all stainless steel prole drum to drive most common modular and at extruded belts without using plastic sprockets. The exclusive sealing design has a much higher water ingress resistance and can withstand 2,500 psi washdown pressure. Further details available at the IPPE 2015 booth #B5829.

Sanitary Handling Antimicrobial Series Drum Motors

The all-enclosed design of the drum motor reduces downtime cycles and maintenance costs by protecting the motor and gear reducer, providing a measurable payback in terms of efficiency and operational costs when measured against conventional drives.

  • Withstands washdowns up to 2,500 psi pressure.
  • No external moving parts increases operator safety.
  • Compact single unit design enhances space utilization.
  • 96% mechanical eciency reduces energy costs.
  • No maintenance reduces operating costs.
  • Prevent water ingress & Easy clean-in place minimize product contamination.
  • Zero pressure drum motor decreases temperature and increases overall lifetime.

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