Sanitary Series Product Line Update

Effective January 1, 2022 - VDG will stop the production of the three-rod drive drum motors, UHMW sprockets, stainless steel sprockets, and continuous profile on urethane base material. VDG will continue to support and provide replacement units and parts until January 1, 2024.

VDG will ONLY manufacture drum motors with the belt profile machined directly onto the stainless steel drum to drive modular, metal and monolithic conveyor belts without the use of sprockets. The sprocketless drum motor makes continuous contact with the belt and offers the most hygienic conveyor drive for food processing conveyor systems.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has heightened the importance of employing conveyor drives with the highest possible hygienic standard. To advance the sanitary conveyor drive design that conveyor manufacturers (OEMs) supply to meat, poultry, fish, and dairy processing plants, VDG examined and assessed the level of hygiene of different conveyor drives used today.

The most common sanitary conveyor drive used by OEMs is the traditional external motor and gearbox that powers sprockets mounted on a square shaft. Another conveyor drive with a higher hygienic standard, is the drum motor with UHMW or stainless sprockets mounted on the drum. However, both of these designs permit food by-products to accumulate in the spaces between the sprockets and are difficult and time consuming to clean.

As a result of the assessment, VDG has made the decision to implement the engineering revision to the sanitary series drum motor product line. The VDG Sprocketless Drum Motor that has the belt machined directly onto the drum is the strictest hygienic conveyor drive available today. Although VDG offers the continuous profile on a urethane base material, this will no longer be offered due to material porosity that can promote bacterial harborage and foreign material contamination.

This change will ensure VDG manufactures drum motors not only to meet but continue to exceed industry standards and provide food processors the most hygienic conveyor drive solution. Modernizing conveyor systems with the latest VDG Hygienic Drum Motor design will not only increase the hygiene but also contributes to the reduction in time and cost of the sanitizing washdown cycle.

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