IntelliDrive™ Drum Motor

The IntelliDrive™ Drum Motor is an internally powered conveyor belt drive with new permanent magnet (PM) motor technology. All components including the motor, gear reducer, and gears are enclosed inside the drum, delivering 40% increased electrical efficiency, a wider range of belt speeds without loss of torque or belt-pull, and a significant increase in electric motor lifespan compared to a traditional external conveyor belt drive. The rotor is self-induced by the permanent magnets on the rotor body, resulting to 70% higher electric motor torque compared to a traditional external drive.

vdg drum motors

The IntelliDrive™ Drum Motor requires a variable frequency device (VFD) to operate, either a remotely mounted VFD or the VDG i-Controller, which integrates the VFD inside the drum motor's electrical junction box for quick and easy setup. The IntelliDrive™ enables onsite diagnostics, full motor indexing speed control and communications with other automated plant equipment, with considerable savings from reduced energy and maintenance costs.

IntelliDrive™ Drum Motor Overview

Diameter (inches) Torque (ft-lbs) Belt Speed Range (ft/min) Drum Motor (TM)
4.5 55
23 - 140
83 - 500
5.0 180
14 - 85
46 - 274
6.5 230
13 - 153
31 - 368

IntelliDrive™ Drum Motor Options

  Standard Option
Power Connection Junction Box Cable; Straight or Elbow,
VDG i-Controller
Electric Motor Class F (155°C)
VFD rated, Inverter-duty
Class H (180°C)
GV Thermal Overload Protection
Voltage 480V
3 Phase
Backstop   CW - Clockwise or
CCW - Counter Clockwise
Lagging   VDG patented IronGrip™ (TM160 and higher)
Black Rubber, USDA/FDA Blue or White Nitrile Rubber:
Plain, Diamond or Chevron Pattern
Drum Profile   V-Groove
Drum Profiles for various belt manufacturers
Profiled Sleeve (XP) for various belt manufacturers

VDG i-Controller

The i-Controller features a variable frequency drive integrated inside the motor junction box, provides conveyor drive data feedback and easily controls belt speed either remotely or directly at the drum motor. All VDG i-Controllers are matched to the performance of the electric motor.

The i-Controller is EtherNet and MODBUS ready, and enables communication with other plant equipment. It can provide conveyor drive data feedback and control belt speed either remotely or directly at the drum motor. Available in two standard models: i-C1 and i-C5.

vdg drum motors